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How to Install Door Covers in 4 Easy Steps

Ever looked at your door and thought it could use a little sprucing up? Perhaps you’ve noticed some wear and tear, or maybe you're just looking to change the aesthetics of a room. One way to achieve this transformation without breaking the bank is by installing door covers. Door covers are a fantastic way to give your doors a fresh, new look without having to replace the entire door.

Why Install Door Covers

Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, SHAADS® door covers also protect your door from dents, scratches, and daily wear and tear. Additionally, they can also provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. And guess what? Installing door covers is a straightforward process that you can do yourself!

To install a skylight cover, you'll need a few tools and materials. Make sure you have the following items ready before starting the installation:

  • Tape measure

  • Screwdriver

  • Level

  • Screws or brackets

  • Skylight cover (appropriate size and style)

These tools and materials will facilitate a smooth installation process and ensure the skylight cover by SHAADS® is securely in place.

Step 1: Measure Your Door

The first step in installing a door cover is to measure your door accurately. Measure the width and height of your door and note down the dimensions. Most door covers are designed to fit standard door sizes, but it's always better to double-check.

Shaads How to Install Door Cover Step 1

Step 2: Select the Cover of Your Choice

After measuring your door and before you remove it from its frame, it's crucial to select the right door cover. There are several options available in the market, and choosing the right one can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your room.

Shaads How to Install Door Cover Step 2

Step 3: Place the Door Cover on the Metal Door

After selecting the perfect door cover and removing the door, it's time to place the cover on the door. Since it's a metal door, there are just a few steps to ensure the cover adheres properly.

Prepare the Surface

Start by cleaning the metal door thoroughly. Use a mixture of mild detergent and water to remove any dirt, grease, or grime from the surface. Next, dry the door completely. It’s important that the door is completely dry before applying the door cover.

Align & Attach the Door Cover

Before you remove the any protection film from the magnet of the cover, align the door cover with the door. Make sure it is centered and straight. Use a level to ensure it is perfectly horizontal. Once aligned simply link the magnets from the SHAADS® door cover onto the magnet of the door.

Shaads How to Install Door Cover Step 3

Step 4: All DONE

Congratulations, you have successfully installed your door cover! Make sure the door opens and closes smoothly and that there are no gaps between the door and the frame. Now you can site back and enjoy the aesthetic and privacy of your SHAADS® door covers!

Shaads How to Install Door Cover Step 4


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