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SHAADS® Collection of Frames Forged from REAL WOOD!

Our Elegant Oak Frame Collection

Our Oak frames are the perfect fit for modern, coastal  and luxury furnishings and home design.  Spruce up your home with the rich  intensity of our custom Oak Frames

Oak Frames will add additional cost

SHAADS® Elegant Oak Wood Frame Collection. Showcasing a variety of sophisticated oak frames with rich stains, including espresso, light, and chestnut, designed to add a refined touch to window coverings.
SHAADS® Modern Simple Frames. Displaying a range of sleek and minimalist frames in various finishes, designed to provide a clean, contemporary look for window coverings.

Our Modern Simple Frame Collection

SHAADS® Simple Frames Collection are rich in color and style. A natural fit in any home that looks to accentuate the surrounding furnishings and windows with sleek appearances

Our Barnwood Frame Collection

The Barnwood collection is a designer's vision of accenting a warm, earthy, countryside home  setting with functional, simple and clean line looks. 

Barnwood Frames will add additional cost

SHAADS® Barnwood Frame Collection. Featuring rustic frames crafted from weathered wood, each frame offers a natural, charming appearance that adds a warm, country feel to window coverings.


The SHAADS® Collection of Fabrics include versatile solids, complimenting transparents & alluring designer fabrics.

Opaque fabrics do not allow light to pass through or for you to see through, giving more privacy.


They are a light filtering material. Depending on the material used can vary the percentage of light filtering.  For areas where you would like to block visibility perhaps door center glass or door side glass panels. You can also mix 2 covers on some glass with different fabrics.

SHAADS® Light Filtering Fabrics Chart. Showcasing a range of fabric options including White Verona, Natural Verona, Sand Verona, Light Gray Verona, and Stone Verona. Each fabric provides varying levels of light filtration and privacy while enhancing the window covering's aesthetic.

Levels of Transparency

SHAADS® Level of Transparency Chart. Displaying different fabric options with varying transparency levels: See-Through for clear views, Light Filtering for soft illumination and privacy, and Opaque for full privacy and light blockage. Helps users choose the right fabric based on their needs and preferences.

How to Measure

SHAADS® How to Measure Guide for Skylights. Step-by-step visual instructions showing how to accurately measure skylights for custom window coverings. Includes diagrams and tips for measuring dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for SHAADS® skylight covers.

Installation & Demonstration Videos