SHAADS® Skylight Covers

Cover your Skylights with accenting frames and  transparent matching color fabric. 
Make the difference see for yourself  Look at that very bright sun light coming through the skylight without a SHAADS® cover !!!

Can be installed easily in minutes

Functional Style Skylight Demo

Add some much-needed functionality to your living space with SHAADS® covers for Skylights. Create the perfect balance of style, with easy to install and contractor-free skylight shade covers in many styles.

"Can be installed in minutes."

Skylight cover Cleaning demo

Watch our skylight video, showing how easy it is to take down your SHAADS® cover "In Minutes," for cleaning or replacing, or to change your room color. 


Easy Guide on how to measure your skylight opening

Click the icon to the right to download our guide in pdf...

Below are the descriptions of our beautiful fabrics offered 

in standard and custom from

our SIMPLE Collection

Opaque fabrics

Opaque fabrics do not allow light to pass through or for you to see through. They are a light filtering material. Depending on the material used can vary the percentage of light filtering.

Transparent fabrics


Transparent fabrics are see-through fabrics which also allow light to pass through. There are several degrees of clarity from 1% - 3% - 5% - 10%. The lower the number, the less visibility.

Standard is offered in 3% clarity all other degrees of clarity will be custom orders

Designer fabrics

 (Only comes in custom orders)


Designer fabrics can come in opaque, designer opaque, transparent,  blackening, and others. It is a fabric of different textures, design color blends, colors and more. It is the process of creating a design on the cloth, coloring, even degrees of clarity. 

Explore More Options of Custom Wood Frames and Designer Fabrics in our SHAADS® Elegant collection

Below are some beautiful wood frame examples

from our SIMPLE Collection


Simple Skylight Collection

Pick from one of our beautiful frames and begin your skylight cover ordering

from our collection of fabrics


SHAADS® covers for Skylights are currently being  made in many different sizes up to 32 x 47 inch. Sizes larger than 47 x 32 send us a email with what you are looking for. Covers to be made larger than 32 x 47 inches will be a SPECIAL ORDER. Please contact us.  Some skylight openings may take two or more covers to fully cover the skylight, please contact us with any questions.


(Pricing will vary for custom and special orders.)

For More Customization

Visit SHAADS® Elegant for more wood frame and fabric options.

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