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Window Treatments
Easy to Install

No need to darken your room for privacy.  Enjoy the sunlight while dressing up your windows with elegant coverings. SHAADS® allows you to still see out your window but gives you privacy as well with our New Jersey made window covers and custom window treatments.

"Easy as stick and click."

Cover the bottom of your windows and retreat into contentment

A Functional Shaads Style for your bathroom window covers

Add some much-needed functionality to your bathroom windows with SHAADS® Covers. Block the harsh sunlight while still having the ability to see out your windows. You no longer need to keep pulling down or closing your darkening old window treatments when you choose our New Jersey made window covers.


Elegant covers that sit right on your Window Glass


Install SHAADS® as easy as stick and click

New Jersey Window Treatments

Cover the bottom of your windows for privacy now enjoy your room

Featured Rooms with Window Glass
Covers by SHAADS


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Our Elegant Oak Frame Collection

Our Oak frames are the perfect fit for modern, coastal  and luxury furnishings and home design.  Spruce up your home with the rich  intensity of our custom Oak Frames

Our Modern Simple Frame Collection

SHAADS Simple Frames Collection are rich in color and style. A natural fit in any home that looks to accentuate the surrounding furnishings and windows with sleek appearances

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Our Barnwood Frame Collection

The Barnwood collection is a designer's vision of accenting a warm, earthy, countryside home  setting with functional, simple and clean line looks 

Our Collection of beautiful fabrics  from solids, see though and designer fabrics

Cover your Skylights with accenting frames and  transparent matching color fabric. 

Make the difference and see for yourself  Look at that very bright sunlight coming through the skylight without a SHAADS® cover !!!