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SHAADS­® Simple Window Coverings

Window Treatments
Easy to Install

No need to darken your room for privacy.  Enjoy the sunlight while dressing up your windows with elegant coverings. SHAADS® allows you to still see out your window but gives you privacy as well with our New Jersey made window covers and custom window treatments.

"Easy as stick and click."

Cover the bottom of your windows for privacy yet let the light in

A Functional Shaads Style for your bathroom window covers

Add some much-needed functionality to your bathroom windows with SHAADS® Covers. Block the harsh sunlight while still having the ability to see out your windows. You no longer need to keep pulling down or closing your darkening old window treatments when you choose our New Jersey made window covers.


Elegant covers that sit right on your Window Glass


Install SHAADS® as easy as stick and click

New Jersey Window Treatments

Cover the bottom of your windows for privacy now enjoy that room

Featured Rooms with Window Covers


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Our Elegant Oak Frame Collection

Our Oak frames are the perfect fit for modern, coastal  and luxury furnishings and home design.  Spruce up your home with the rich  intensity of our custom Oak Frames

Our Modern Simple Frame Collection

SHAADS Simple Frames Collection are rich in color and style. A natural fit in any home that looks to accentuate the surrounding furnishings and windows with sleek appearances

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Our Barnwood Frame Collection

The Barnwood collection is a designer's vision of accenting a warm, earthy, countryside home  setting with functional, simple and clean line looks 

Our Collection of beautiful solids, see though and designer fabrics

Opaque fabrics

Opaque fabrics do not allow light to pass through or for you to see through. Used were you would like some privacy. They are a light filtering material. Do not mix it with black out fabrics.  Depending on the material used can vary the percentage of light filtering.

Black Out is not offered in our standard selection

Transparent fabrics

Transparent fabrics are see-through fabrics which also allow light to pass through. We show several samples just below. We offer several degrees of clarity from 1% - 3% - 5% - 10%. The lower the number, the less visibility.  Standard is offered in 3% clarity all other degrees of clarity will be custom orders

Designer fabrics


 (Only comes in custom orders)

Designer fabrics can come in opaque, designer opaque, transparent,  blackening, and others. It is a fabric of different textures, design color blends, colors and more. It is the process of creating a design on the cloth, coloring, even degrees of clarity.  Designer Fabrics with there stunning look  will compliment your furnishings, floorings and room decor colors. 


Just measure how much glass you want to cover and begin your window treatment ordering below

We have some standard size covers for partial & full glass coverage

Need more window cover customization?

Visit SHAADS® Elegant for more wood frame and fabric options.

Get that beautiful custom look that no one else has. Covering part of your windows adds some much-needed functionality to your living space, giving a clean line look to your room.


No bulging curtains or blinds that bunch. Give yourself a stylish, fresh look with window covers made in Jersey by SHAADS® for homes nationwide. 


SHAADS® Covers are easy to install, with no contractor needed, and are available in many stylish wood frames and fabrics. Installation that is so easy! Install the SHAADS® as Easy as Stick and Click. 

Don't block your entire view, cover just the bottom part of your windows. Partial coverage gives you privacy yet allows you to still see out the window.  

Spruce up your windows with elegant covers made by SHAADS®. 

Installation that is so simple!

Partial Window Covers
Partial Window Covers

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Green Window Covers
Green Window Covers

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Partial Window Covers
Partial Window Covers

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Partial Window Covers
Partial Window Covers

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Install the SHAADS® window covers as Easy as "Stick & Click"

You can cover just a portion of your windows or bottom of your window with Shaads

Shown below are two ways to order your SHAADS® Covers
Partial or Full Glass Coverage

Not sure how to measure? Reference our PDF guides. 

Measure Guide For

Full Glass Coverage


Note: There maybe a small amount of glass exposure needed for mounting.

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Measure Guide For

Partial Glass Coverage

Short installation Video

Watch our video demo of SHAADS® covers vs. blinds, as we show you the ease of installing. SHAADS® covers are available in different stained trims and fabrics.

Skylight & Window Coverings

Do you enjoy having a well-lit home? Do you prefer having floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to see the outside world without any obstructions? Do you enjoy the feel of the sun on your face when reading a book on the couch? Homeowners who have too many windows or windows in the incorrect places miss out on all of these wonderful benefits. Well, you do not need to opt for tinted windows in order to avoid this problem. All these hassles could be solved by SHAADS' variety of skylight & window coverings that can be installed to keep the windows safe and protected.

Our fabric options include opaque, translucent, and design materials that combine the best of both worlds. These materials determine how much light enters your rooms and how much you can see. In addition, we have got a slew of frames in a variety of hues and designs.