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Simple Sturdy and long-lasting frame for skylight covers from Shaads


Elegant and long-lasting frame for skylight covers from Shaads


Sturdy Barnwood and long-lasting frame for skylight covers from Shaads


SHAADS®  Collection of frames forged from REAL WOOD!!

Highly durable elegant oak frame materials for reliable skylight covers by Shaads


Our Elegant Oak Frame Collection

Our Oak frames are the perfect fit for modern, coastal  and luxury furnishings and home design.  Spruce up your home with the rich  intensity of our custom Oak Frames

Oak Frames will add additional cost

Our Modern Simple Frame Collection

SHAADS Simple Frames Collection are rich in color and style. A natural fit in any home that looks to accentuate the surrounding furnishings and windows with sleek appearances

Highly durable modern simple frame materials for reliable skylight covers by Shaads


Highly durable barnwood frame materials for reliable skylight covers by Shaads


Our Barnwood Frame Collection

The Barnwood collection is a designer's vision of accenting a warm, earthy, countryside home  setting with functional, simple and clean line looks 

Barnwood Frames will add additional cost

Our Collection of covers start at $110 and go to mid $250's
depending on size and material selection.  (Special Orders  Excluded)



100% WOOD


Our Custom and Standard Frame Designs

SHAADS® Covers have become an important home essential. Through it, one can ensure proper care and maintenance of one’s home. In order to pick the best one, we have multiple  frame designs available that can help you choose the best option that suits your home arrangement. Match your flooring or window trim or your furniture and enhance your room with our stylish frame colors. Our mainstream cover frame designs include different styles like - Simple with its conservative traditional look, Elegant with its unique, modern, stylish appeal, and Barnwood frames offer simple, rustic, farmstead attraction.

From Standard Sizes to Custom Sizes, whatever your requirement may be. We have many thing to add you in measuring. The great thing about our covers is that you can also customize our frames with many colors and styles of fabrics to get a design that suits your needs. 

SHAADS® Wood Frames 

Our wood frames are an important part of our collection. The reason why the wood frames are such a popular hit is because of the real wood we used and our classy looks. We use attractive stains colors on our wooden frames complementing our high end fabrics. This adds class, elegance, stylish and exclusive looks, which people choose. Our wood frames are a good option for interior attachments and durable enough to stay useful to you for many years to come. We offer hardware packets which allows you to move your custom cover to another location. SHAADS®  wooden frames are for Skylights, Basement Windows , Doors and Windows. Our covers complement well with many things.


Our offerings of different colors for our wooden frames have been decided  with much thought and research about customer choice and selections.  This is where our collection of frames, Simple, Elegant, and Barnwood came from. All our wood frames come with high-quality commercial fabric to complete the ensemble. Another of our unique features is the patented way to install our covers in just minutes. You will see nothing like these new coverings solely made by SHAADS®.

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