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Stylish door cover by Shaads for enhanced privacy and protection

Doors Coverings Made Easy

SHAADS® covers, designed with performance in mind, offer full or partial coverage and transparent or light filtering. SHAADS® door glass covers are manufactured in New Jersey, and come in a variety of options. They are also simple to install for our clients across the country.


This factor makes SHAADS® so unique and yet so practical for the on-the-go homeowner and renter. There is NO need to put damaging holes in your steel metal doors to hang our covers.

Make your living space more functional with SHAADS® Covers for Doors. Create the perfect ambiance, with easy to install contractor-free door glass coverings, manufactured in New Jersey, in a variety of styles. Cover your front door side window glass panels with ease.

Just Unpack & Click

Check Out Our Installation Demo

Our product is as simple as unpacking it and clicking it on the door. No need to drill holes and damage your metal door!

Door Demo
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SHAADS Door Covers