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SHAADS® covers, designed with performance in mind, offer full or partial coverage and transparent or light filtering. SHAADS® door glass covers are manufactured in New Jersey, and come in a variety of options. They are also simple to install for our clients across the country.


This factor makes SHAADS® so unique and yet so practical for the on-the-go homeowner and renter. There is NO need to put damaging holes in your steel metal doors to hang our covers.

Make your living space more functional with SHAADS® Covers for Doors. Create the perfect ambiance, with easy to install contractor-free door glass coverings, manufactured in New Jersey, in a variety of styles. Cover your front door side window glass panels with ease.

Reference Below for Product Demos. ​​

Install the SHAADS® as Easy as "Just a Click."

Door Demo

Watch our video demo of SHAADS® DOOR Covers. SHAADS® are available in other stain trim colors as well as different fabric materials and colors.


Select New Jersey made SHAADS® door glass covers to attach to either the door frame or glass of your door, allowing full or partial covering. 

Be sure to download how to measure your style door glass correctly.  


PDF - Measuring guides for Straight Line Glass Door, Curve Glass Door & Side Glass Panels.


*Please note: At this time covers are only being made in square or rectangle shapes. Measuring for on-the-glass mounting can only be for square and rectangle glass windows.*



Below are measuring examples of
mounting on the door frame
not mounting to the glass

Curve Glass

Straight Line

Side Glass


No dangerous strings | Block sunlight | Real wood frames | Custom fabrics | No moving parts

Beautiful wood frame examples from our Simple Collection

Opaque fabrics

Opaque fabrics do not allow light to pass through or for you to see through. They are a light filtering material. Depending on the material used can vary the percentage of light filtering.  For areas where you would like to block visibility perhaps door center glass or door side glass panels. You can also mix 2 covers on some glass with different fabrics 

Transparent fabrics


Transparent fabrics are see-through fabrics, as seen below. 

This type of fabric allows you to see thought and allows filtered light to pass through in different percentage.  The degree of clarity  we can offer are 1% - 3% - 5% - 10%. The lower the number, the less visibility.

Our standard transparent fabric we offered is 3% clarity all other degrees of clarity will need to be custom orders. 

Designer fabrics

(Only comes in custom orders)


Designer fabrics come in many types of different materials and textures.  Transparent, opaque, blackening, and others fabrics. It is a fabric of different textures, designs, colors, blends, multi patterns and more. It is the process of creating a design on the cloth in different  color. 

Compliment you furniture, floors

and more.

Explore More Types of our Wood Frames and Designer Fabrics at our
SHAADS® Elegant Collection
Glass door window treatments from Shaads

Full-length glass doors and side glass panels will require 2 SHAADS® covers per glass. SHAADS® covers are made in many different sizes up to 30 x 39 inches.  Any covers to be made larger than  30 x 39 inches please Inquire. 

Before ordering

Follow our PDF guide for measurement


Just Custom Measure Your Glass or Frame Size cover as much glass or as little 

Select Your Door Window Cover Colors & Fabric  Below

This STYLE SHAADS® COVER is designed to sit on the door frame

Measuring Guides for

Different Door Glass Coverage

Curve Glass

Curved Glass Icon.PNG

Straight Line

Half Glass Doors.PNG

Side Glass

Side Glass Panel 2.PNG
Door Side Panel 1.PNG

This STYLE SHAADS® COVER is designed to sit on the door GLASS Full or Partial

Measuring Guide for

Full or Partial Door Glass Coverage

Partial SHAADS® Cover 

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