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DIY Hassle-free Installation!

When it comes to installing traditional means of window, skylight and general residential and office glass coverings in one’s home or office there is a great deal of toil and trouble involved. Whether you are installing curtains, any types of blinds or any sort of shades in general, the one thing that all of them have in common is the amount of trouble that you have to go through to install them and the hassle involved in doing so.

With curtains you have to drill holes and install railings. With blinds its just about the same issue and madness. Drilling, hammering and wanton destruction accompany the installation of all of these items. One cannot be faulted for not wanting to go through the hassle of installing these items, and we haven’t even gotten to the part about taking them down or, heaven forbid, changing them out!

Keeping all of this in mind we want to bring to your attention our offerings here at SHAADS. With SHAADS coverings you are required to perform the most minimal of activities to install them. They require little to no dismemberment of your property and the bare minimum of tools that can be used by even the least skilled of people out there.

Have a go-through of our website and you will see why SHAADS window and glass covers for skylights, windows and door windows are exceptionally unique and for you!

Here at SHAADS we have created this new and unique product offering to cover windows in homes and offices across the country. In the making of SHAADS window coverings at the state-of-the-art company manufacturing facility in New Jersey, we keep several things in mind:

  • That the SHAADS covers are easy to install with even the most non-handy customer in mind

  • No overly-priced, expensive, cost-ineffective accessories to purchase whatsoever

  • A graceful and exquisitely elegant and unique look

  • Absolutely no moving parts to jam and stop the product performing its function

  • The ability to cover as little or as much of the glass as you wish to do so

  • The ability to match the SHAADS frames with your interior decor

  • Versatility! Unlike virtually all window and skylight treatments/coverings, SHAADS coverings are easy to move to other glass, so "you don't have to leave them behind"

  • That these covers are constructed of high-end materials but still in the affordable price range

  • To maintain clean lines, have no moving or noisy parts, or any dangerous strings to break

  • That you will not have to drill into materials like metal, vinyl or glass and mutilate your space

  • Categorically no requirement for expensive tools

  • Custom made and as per our client’s requirements and needs of their space

  • That the frames are made from real wood

  • Above all else that SHAADS coverings are proudly Made in the USA!

When it comes to DIY hassle-free window coverings, the possibilities are absolutely and positively endless for SHAADS coverings, so either pay us a visit or go-through our website today, and let’s see how we can make your life a little less hard and a lot easier!


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