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Don't Want to Drill Holes in Your Door? Try SHAADS® Door Covers! A No Hole Solution.

A doorway serves as a passage from one world to another – from the comfort of our homes to the world outside. So, it's not surprising that we often seek to enhance its appearance and functionality. However, the desire for door enhancements brings along its own set of challenges, especially when using traditional door coverings.

The Pain Points of Traditional Door Coverings

Damaged Door from Sun

Door Damage: Beyond the Surface

It's not just about the unsightly holes; it's about the potential wood splits, paint chipping, and, over time, the decreased value of your beautiful door. And while you can fill those holes, can you truly erase the history of the damage? Often, the evidence remains.

Aesthetic Mishaps

Have you ever noticed how an improperly fitted door covering or a misaligned bracket can become the room's unwanted focal point? These minor mishaps can deeply affect the ambiance you're trying to create.

DIY Nightmares: Complexity and Effort

We've all been there. A simple "afternoon project" that turns into a weekend ordeal, complete with multiple trips to the hardware store. Traditional door coverings promise simplicity but often underdeliver.

Enter SHAADS® Magnetic Door Covers: Your Door's Best Friend

For over 5 years, our team at SHAADS® has been on a mission to offer homeowners a solution that's as kind to their steel doors as it is to their artful look.

The Ingenious Magnetic Mechanism

SHAADS® doesn't rely on the age-old adhesive or bracket approach. Instead, we've utilized the power of magnets. Think about the bond between best friends; that's how our door covers cling to your doors - strong, reliable, yet easy to adjust.

Array of Benefits with SHAADS®

Pristine Doors: A Promise

With SHAADS®, say goodbye to adhesive residues, chipped paint, and hole marks. Your doors remain as impeccable as the day you bought them.

Front Door Covers to block out sunlight | Shaads

Elevate Your Home's Beauty

Crafted with attention to detail, every SHAADS® door cover is designed to enhance and complement your home's existing decor. It's not just a functional piece; it's a fashion statement.

Freedom of Choice: Variety & Flexibility

From vibrant patterns to minimalist designs, SHAADS® offers a plethora of choices. And the best part - switching them out is a breeze, allowing you to match every season or mood.

Don't Want to Drill Holes in Your Door?

Real Stories, Real Transformations

Patti: From Skeptic to Brand Advocate

"I absolutely love my SHAADS®! I live on a suburban street across from a park where people take walks in front of my house. I did not want blinds and my curtains were not enough. I wanted privacy without giving up the pretty scenery of the neighborhood. Then I came across SHAADS®. They provided me with everything that I was looking for in a window covering. I can open my window for fresh air, not having blinds get tangled or ugly strings hanging on the sides of the windows. They are very well constructed and extremely easy to install not to mention beautiful to look at! I started with two SHAADS® and now I have five! They have actually enhanced the outside of my house as well as the inside. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!"

Don't Want to Drill Holes in Your Door?

Art: The Homeowner's Relief

"Love the product. Very easy to measure and install. Not to mention the privacy it afforded me"


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