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SHAADS Skylight Covers go Up Cooling Bills go Down

Block that annoying harsh sunlight while cooling your room...

Recently a friend of mine added 2 Skylight Covers by SHAADS to her interior skylight openings. I was there to help her.

The video on how easy it would be to install was not far off, (Neither of us are what you call handy at all). Very simple to mark and put 4 bracket's up with just 4 screws. After she had the covers up for about a few months she went to take down the covers to clean them, well the heat just gushed at us. This truly showed both of us how much they cooled down the room in summer days. By the way very simple to take down and put back up and she selected a see-through transparent fabric.

I didn't think it could be this easy to install. The frames are made of real wood and the cover front to back is very nicely finished off. Hope this is of some help with this new product.


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