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Basement Window Security and Aesthetics –SHAADS® fills the bill

If you’re thinking that your doors and primary secured windows are the only access or

entry points that require your attention, think again. Your basement may not be at the

top of your to-do list in terms of home security, but it’ll be on the mind of a potential

home intruder.

You always hear that you should guard all the first-floor entries into your home, and

that includes basement access. It may not be the front door or kitchen window, but

basement windows—especially those with larger window wells where a bad actor could

hide—are important security vulnerabilities that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Knowing how to secure basement windows could be the difference between a break-in

and peaceful homeownership.

Why Secure Your Basement Windows?

It’s crucial to take the necessary measures to consider the security of every aspect of

your home, including your basement. If you’re looking for smart ways to secure your

basement windows, consider doubling down on lights which are a deterrent for

intruders since they eliminate “invisibility” of the intruder.

Basement windows are designed to be opened, and ideally, you would want the option to

ventilate your home at will without opening up your family to the threat of unwanted tampering of your property. Homeowners might consider window bars and grates, which, while they offer solid protection, their installation diminishes the overall look and aesthetic value of your home.

Here’s where the attractive and stylish appeal of SHAADS® can be incorporated onto those basement windows while still affording privacy and beautification of the basement window.

Consider Window Coverings like SHAADS®

Basement windows are an attractive go-to entry point for intruders because they offer

easy access to the house due to their street-level location, and because typically at night,

residents darken their basements and retire to their bedrooms.

With a basement window covering made by SHAADS®, your home can have a beautiful

look and still maintain the privacy and security you are looking for. As a practical

matter, SHAADS® are easy to install and when complete, you have peace of mind as

well as an appealing cover for your basement window. This attractive look will be

enjoyed both from the outside and inside of the home. An addition to your home’s

overall value and providing privacy as well.

As a homeowner, we encourage you to get creative and think outside of the

box when it comes to securing and beautifying you home. Think SHAADS®


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