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SHAADS® History: Every Skylight Cover Generation in Timeline Order

Ever wonder about the history of SHAADS®, the innovative skylight cover brand that's transformed homes across the nation? It's a tale of creativity, innovation, and a relentless drive for excellence. Let's delve into this fascinating journey of every skylight cover generation of SHAADS®.

The Birth of SHAADS®

The Mission of Simplicity and Elegance

The brainchild of creator Chris Koenitz, the idea for SHAADS® sprang from a desire to craft a product that combined ease of installation with a stylish, unique aesthetic. Koenitz envisioned a product that eliminated the complexities often associated with window and skylight covers—no more broken moving parts, no need for extra curtain accessories, and no hazardous strings or small parts and can be installed in minutes.

First Generation: The Trailblazer

The first generation of SHAADS® revolutionized skylight coverings with its no-fuss installation process. The inception of the first-generation SHAADS® can be described as a true turning point in the skylight coverings market. Recognizing the need for an alternative to traditional window coverings, the creators of SHAADS® sought to create a product that didn't compromise on style, function, but gave you ease of installation.

Their solution was a pioneering combination of stylish, effective fabrics and unique custom wood designs. SHAADS® understood that when it comes to home decor, aesthetics matter just as much as functionality. Hence, they curated a range of stylish fabrics that didn't just look good but also effectively blocked UV rays and offered heat protection. This blend of fashion and function gave homeowners the power to express their personal style while also reaping the practical benefits of a skylight cover.

At the heart of the first-generation SHAADS® was its unique custom wood design. A key differentiator from other products on the market, these wood designs added a touch of timeless elegance to any interior, making the covers not just a functional addition, but a decorative asset. The elegance and simplicity were appreciated by many, offering an effortlessly chic way to block UV rays, provide heat protection, and ensure privacy.

Second Generation: The Upgrader

Recognizing the need for advancement, the second generation of SHAADS® introduced enhanced functionality and installation. This generation marked the beginning of a stylish, nouveau way of dressing up the glass on skylights, doors, and windows, while still maintaining the brand's commitment to safety and easy of installation.

The true revolution was in how these stylish and functional skylight covers could be installed. The creators of SHAADS® knew that even the most attractive and effective product would be pointless if it were too complicated or time-consuming to install. So, they developed an easy, no-fuss installation process.

Using precise measurements, each Shaads was designed to fit perfectly into the intended location. Installation was as simple as sticking the Shaads into place. There was no need for power tools, no need for a professional installer, and no need for hours of labor. In fact, the second-generation Shaads could be up and ready to do their job in just a few moments.

Third Generation: The Game-changer

The third generation of SHAADS® skylight covers marked another milestone in the evolution of the brand. Known as the game-changer, this generation didn't just build on the successful foundation of its predecessors, it redefined it.

Enhancing durability and expanding customization options were key advancements of the third generation. However, the standout innovation was a new installation mechanism designed to simplify and expedite the process even further. By leveraging magnetic brackets, the third-generation SHAADS® provided a seamless installation experience that was revolutionary in its simplicity.

The design team behind SHAADS® recognized that for homeowners, ease of installation was just as important as the aesthetic and practical benefits of the skylight covers. Building on their commitment to simplicity, they introduced magnetic brackets - a design feature that enabled a fast, fuss-free installation process.

With this magnetic mechanism, homeowners could easily install their SHAADS® in no time. The brackets, once securely placed at the measured location, became the steadfast anchor points for the SHAADS®. The skylight covers simply snapped into place onto the magnetic brackets, allowing homeowners to install, adjust, or remove them with minimal effort.

Unveiling the Innovations of Every Skylight Cover Generation

First Generation: Uncomplicated Design

First-generation SHAADS® were lauded for their simple, clean design. They delivered on the brand's promise of easy installation, effective light and heat control, and safety for families.

Second Generation: Enhanced Functionality

The second generation built on the success of the first, incorporating enhanced functionality without compromising on simplicity. This generation introduced the idea of creating a cohesive look across all windows, doors, and skylights.

Third Generation: Maximizing Durability and Customization

The third generation further enhanced the product's durability and offered even more design customization options. Now, customers could truly have it their way when decorating their homes, choosing from a range of fabric and frame options. Aside from aesthetic benefits, these skylight covers have shown cost savings benefits.

The Impact of SHAADS® on the Skylight Cover Market

Carving Out a Competitive Niche

Throughout its history, SHAADS® has continued to pioneer innovations in the skylight cover industry, carving out a competitive niche and driving the industry forward.

Embracing the Customer Response

The market response to SHAADS® has been overwhelmingly positive, with high customer satisfaction ratings and a steady demand for its easy-to-install, stylish, and functional skylight covers.

The Promising Horizon: The Future of SHAADS®

The Anticipation of Continued Excellence

Looking towards the future, we can expect SHAADS® to continue to innovate, staying true to its mission of providing simple, elegant skylight, door, and window covers that effortlessly blend with any home's decor.

Our Final Thoughts

From its inception to the present day, SHAADS® has made a remarkable impact on the skylight cover industry. Its commitment to simplicity, elegance, and safety, combined with its ability to innovate and adapt, ensures that SHAADS® remains at the forefront of this industry.


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