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SKYLIGHT Installation is as simple as

  1. Unpack your new SHAADS®.

  2. Using a simple screwdriver, install your 4 custom brackets. (NOTE: Metal frames and doors do not require brackets or plates to be installed).

  3. Click your SHAADS® covering to the  brackets or metal frame and make sure it's level.

SHAADS® accessory brackets for skylight covers. High-quality, durable brackets designed for secure and easy installation of skylight covers, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless appearance.

Custom SHAADS® for skylights, doors and most window types


SHAADS® skylight cover installed on a skylight. The image shows a sleek, elegant cover that enhances privacy and reduces UV exposure while seamlessly fitting the skylight.

Problems of blinding sunlight & an over-heated room beg for a quick & easy solution. Imagine how wonderful SHAADS® simple but elegant US-Made skylight coverings would be. SHAADS® covers install in minutes, making your room comfortable by blocking harmful sunlight.

Door Glass

SHAADS® window covering installed on door glass. The image highlights a stylish and functional cover that adds privacy and complements the door's design with a custom fit.

With privacy in mind, SHAADS® offers full or partial glass covers for doors. With a multitude of options and simple installation, SHAADS® is so unique, yet so practical for the on-the-go homeowner and renter.

Basement Windows

SHAADS® window covering on a basement window. The image features a high-quality cover that provides privacy and insulation while fitting securely within the basement window frame.

We offer basement window covers, which can be attached right onto your basement window glass or frame. Since basement windows come in a variety of sizes and styles, SHAADS® can be custom-made to your liking.


SHAADS® window covering on a standard window. The image showcases a refined cover that enhances the window's appearance, offering privacy and UV protection with an elegant design.

No need to darken your room for privacy. Enjoy the sunlight by dressing up your windows with elegant window treatments. SHAADS® window coverings, manufactured in New Jersey, allow you to still see out your window but gives you privacy as well.

Wood Frame Collections

SHAADS® frame options: Simple frame with a clean, modern look; Elegant frame with refined, sophisticated details; Barnwood frame with a rustic, natural appearance. Each frame design enhances window coverings with distinct styles to match any decor.




SHAADS® frame options include: Simple frame for a clean and modern look, Elegant frame for a sophisticated and refined appearance, and Barnwood frame for a rustic and natural touch. Each frame type offers unique style choices to complement your window coverings.

Our wood frames are an important part of our collection. The reason why the wood frames are such a popular hit is because of the real wood we used and our classy looks. We use attractive stains colors on our wooden frames complementing our high end fabrics. This adds class, elegance, stylish and exclusive looks, which people choose. Our wood frames are a good option for interior attachments and durable enough to stay useful to you for many years to come. We offer hardware packets which allows you to move your custom cover to another location. SHAADS®  wooden frames are for Skylights, Basement Windows , Doors and Windows. Our covers complement well with many things.


Our offerings of different colors for our wooden frames have been decided  with much thought and research about customer choice and selections.  This is where our collection of frames, Simple, Elegant, and Barnwood came from. All our wood frames come with high-quality commercial fabric to complete the ensemble. Another of our unique features is the patented way to install our covers in just minutes. You will see nothing like these new coverings solely made by SHAADS®.

Collection of Fabrics

SHAADS® fabric options: See-Through fabric for unobstructed views with a touch of privacy; Designer fabric for unique patterns and stylish accents; Light-Filtering fabric for gentle illumination and enhanced privacy. Each fabric type offers distinct benefits to suit various needs and aesthetics.
SHAADS® fabric choices: See-Through fabric for clear views while maintaining privacy; Designer fabric with unique patterns and textures for added style; Light-Filtering fabric that softens light and provides privacy. Each fabric type enhances your window coverings with specific features and visual appeal.

See Through:

Transparent fabrics are see through fabrics, or sun shading. This type of fabric allows you to see thought and allows filtered light to pass through in different percentage. Our transparent fabric colors that we offered are in 3% clarity all other degrees of clarity will need to be Special  Ordered.

​Designer fabrics come in many types of different materials and textures. Transparent, opaque, blackening, and others fabrics. It is a fabric of different textures, designs, colors, blends, multi patterns and more. It is the process of creating a design on the cloth in different color.

Light Filtering:

Opaque fabrics do not allow light to pass through or for you to see through, giving more privacy. They are a light filtering material. Depending on the material used can vary the percentage of light filtering.  For areas where you would like to block visibility perhaps door center glass or door side glass panels. You can also mix 2 covers on some glass with different fabrics 


SHAADS® vision for the patented window covers, came from an idea to make a product that would be effortless to install within minutes, while providing simplicity, multiple functions, cost savings, shorter time to install, and NO need  to hire a handyman in most cases. This unique new way of covering offers a clean and stylish look, without moving parts or costly extra curtain accessories needed to cover the glass on your doors, windows and skylights.       

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