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At SHAADS the name of the game is durability and high-quality.

SHAADS…Your kids might be using them!

Yes, you read that right! At SHAADS the name of the game is durability and high-quality. When it comes to our SHAADS covers we ensure that we make use of only the highest quality fabrics and framing materials for our covers.

Our selection of fabrics is second to none. We have virtually every color you could possibly imagine in a variety of fabrics of varying translucency so as to inhibit/control the entry of sunlight into your home depending on what fabric one would like to make use of.

Aside from our fabric selection of beautiful solids, see through and designer fabrics we have our choice of framing materials made from real wood of only the highest quality that will definitely leave you speechless. Our oak and cedar frames are sure to leave you breathless with the quality of their finish and solid feel that they provide in hand. We have made absolutely no compromise when it comes to the quality of the wood used in our SHAADS covers. If we could we might just go and fell the trees ourselves for our SHAADS covers!

The fabric and wood frames aside we also ensure that the magnets used are of the highest grade so that there is no chance of the SHAADS covers coming loose and falling at any point. At the same time though they are also carefully selected so as to be sure to be able to be detachable when required.

To protect your home from UV rays, glare, and excessive heat, SHAADS has the best skylight covers money can buy. You can see the level of quality of the SHAADS covers and gauge the finishing of them for yourself Skylight Wood Frames. We guarantee you will have a smile across your face from ear to ear.

To understand exactly how durable and high quality our SHAADS covers are our opinion is it might be best for you to go through the various fabric and wood examples outlined on our website and see what is best suited to you and as per your unique requirements. We are sure you will find something you like and that you can envision having up for a long time to come!

If not, then you can always have something made as per your specifications and requirements. Whatever the case may be there is one thing that we know for sure and stand by and that is the quality of our product offering. We know for a fact that the quality of materials that we use is second to none and in no way compromised on at all. It is for these particular reasons that we make the statement that SHAADS covers are covers that not only you but your kids (and possibly grandkids!) might be using!


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