The SHAADS® idea came from the desire to make a product that can be effortlessly installed by many. This stunning, nouveau way of covering the glass in Skylights, on Doors, and Windows offers a clean and stylish, unique look. 


With SHAADS®, there are no moving parts to break, no costly extra curtain accessories, and no dangerous strings or little pieces for your children or pets to choke on.  NO power tools needed, you may not even need a costly contractor to install them.  Custom hand made covers,  can be mixed and matched between fabrics and frames,  HAVE IT YOUR WAY when decorating by creating a uniform look among all of your doors, skylights, and windows in your home. You no longer need to struggle in finding a variety of products to achieve a cohesive look. 

SHAADS® by Koti is a family-owned business founded by creator Chris Koenitz. SHAADS® evolved from a desire to make a product simple to install but elegant, not like the very old outdated  window coverings. Our skylight, door and window covers are made here in New Jersey. Our covers block UV rays, provide heat protection, easy installation, and privacy. SHAADS® offers simple and elegant designs that fit in any home, apartment, or condo.


                                                                       SHAADS® are proudly made in the USA.




100% Solid Wood


All Products custom made

Prices start at $130

SHAADS skylight covers are a simple yet elegant way to cover your skylights. Both practical and easy to install they are available in hundreds of styles and colors.

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Made in The USA


SHAADS skylight covers have been designed with you the homeowner in mind.

No power tools are required for installation and can be accomplished in minutes.

No Moving Parts or Strings

Hardware only consists of 4 (four) brackets, these are the only items that are installed.

Screwdriver, marker, and a measuring tape are the only tools needed. No channels or corner guard accessories needed.

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(973) 927-2857
Made in The USA