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No Dilling  Needed

Can attach right to the Glass

Basement Window by SHAADS® Demo

Basement Window Covers by SHAADS®

Our Collection of covers  both in STOCK and CUSTOM
Range between 
$110 and go to mid $250's
depending on your size and material selection. (Special Orders excluded)

At lower prices - starting at just $110.00

Transparent fabrics are see-through fabrics which  allow light to pass through while providing shade. There are several degrees of clarity .  Our Standard fabric we offer is in 3% clarity.    Shown below in (Fig. 1) is approximate transparency 1% - 3% - 5% - 10%.

Transparent Fabric for Basement Window Covers by Shaads
(Fig. 1)

Opaque fabrics do not allow light to pass through or for you to see through. They are a light filtering material. Depending on the material used can vary the percentage of light filtering.






Learn about how our New Jersey made Basement Window Glass Coverings from SHAADS® are the new revolutionary way of covering basement windows.

Our STOCK sizes come in several different sizes, frames and fabrics shown and listed below

Standard Size walnut_white transparent l
Standard Size walnut_slate_edited.jpg
Standard Size walnut_verona white lg_edi
Standard Size walnut_verona gray lg_edit
Standard Size white_white transparent lg
Standard Size white_slate transparent lg
Standard Size white_white transparent lg
Standard Size white_gray transparent lg_

Just click on a frame  to enlarge photo

PRICING FOR STOCK SIZES JUST BELOW  -  range  between  $110  to  $120

DECIMALS                             0R                            FRACTIONS

17.25  x  13.4375   or   (17 1/4 x 13 7/16)

18.75 x 15.6875   or   (18 3/4 x 15 11/16)

20.25  x  18.50    or    (20 1/4  x 18 1/2)

20.25  x  19.50    or    (20 1/4  x 19 1/2)

21.25  x  13.4375   or   (21 1/4 x 13 7/16)

DECIMALS                            0R                            FRACTIONS

21.25  x 19.4375   or   (21 1/4 x 19 7/16)

22.75  x 15.6875  or  (22 3/4 x 15 11/16)

22.75  x  17.75      or    (22 3/4 x 17 3/4)

22.75  x  20.75    or    (22 3/4 x 20 3/4)

21.25   x  15.75     or    (21 1/4  x  15 3/4)

DECIMALS                            0R                            FRACTIONS

21.25   x  17.75     or   (21 1/4  x  17 3/4)

26.75  x  9.1875  or  (26 7/8  x  9 3/16)

26.75 x 13.1875  or  (26 7/8  x 13 3/16)

26.75  x 15.75   or   (26 3/4  x  15 3/4)


PRICING FOR LARGER STOCK  SIZES  BELOW -  range  between  $125  to  $130

DECIMALS                            0R                            FRACTIONS

24.25   x  19.75   or   (24 1/4  x  19 3/4)

26.875  x 17.1875  or (26 7/8 x 17 3/16)

26.875  x 17.75   or   (26 7/8  x 17 3/4)

26.875  x 19.75  or    (26 7/8 x 19 3/4)

DECIMALS                            0R                            FRACTIONS

28.50  x  16.50   or   (28 1/2  x 16  1/2)

28.50  x  18.50   or   (28 1/2  x 18  1/2)

28.50  x  20.50   or  (28 1/2  x 20  1/2)

DECIMALS                            0R                            FRACTIONS

30.25  x  18.50   or   (30 1/4  x  18 1/2)

30.25  x  20.50   or   (30 1/4  x 20  1/2)

30.25  x  22.50   or   (30 1/4  x 22  1/2)

We also offer several other Frame Styles and Colors as well as other
Fabric colors and Textiles - in our CUSTOM SELECTION 

Select from Stock Sizes​ - Beautiful Simple Collection
or order from our Custom Cover Selections of many Frames and
Fabric Selections

Child-safe basement cover options by Shaads for peace of mind
Basement window glass covering with very little glass exposure by Shaads
Basement window glass covering with partial glass exposure by Shaads

Custom Measure Your Basement Covers

and select from our Beautiful Simple Collection. Visit SHAADS® Elegant for more wood frame and fabric options.

Measuring form for Basement Window Covers

Install the SHAADS® as Easy as "Just a Click."

Below are Frames and Fabric for our
Custom made Covers

Pricing Starts at $110.00 /up to mid $250.00. Pricing depends on
Size and Material Selections.
(Special Orders  Excluded)

Easy-To-Install Basement Window Covers

Since many basements are fully or partially underground and come with windows that are at ground level, this leaves it very easy for people to peek into your basement or lower-level windows. For the purpose of protection/privacy along with the ability to block sunlight into the homes, you would want a covering. We offer basement window covers, which can be attached right onto your basement window glass.  Since basement windows come in a variety of sizes and styles, SHAADS can be custom-made to your liking.

So where you want full or partial coverage call us we will be glad to explain what options you will have available. Hence, our basement window covers securitize your vicinity. These interior covers are moveable and permit the residents to take them anywhere with just a click. Four metal plates, come with your beautiful custom cover. Just attach the plates to the window glass which you want to cover as per the instructions and click your cover to the plates. For shade, privacy, and or protection, our covers install with just a click. The magnet on the back of your cover clicks right to the plates you just placed on your window glass and move with your windows.  There is nothing out there as easy as a SHAADS basement window coverings.

Covering Basement Windows

You'll need a window well if your basement is below grade in any way, shape, or form if you want to keep it dry and bright inside.  Thus your basement windows remain a crucial step. To protect your home from UV light and well as provide necessary privacy, SHAADS basement window covers offer a neat, practical approach and a variety of options to protect the basement interior.

In order to find the perfect covering, one must have the right measurements of the basement window. One also needs to know the type of basement window, whether it’s completely underground, half in and above the ground, or completely above the ground. Only then can one make an informed decision and benefit from the initiative. Usually, by covering basement windows, one gets to control and maintain the temperature, privacy, and light control of the basement. One can decide to make the basement darker with light filtering fabrics or brighter with transparent fabrics which allow some ability to see through if you want it.  Either way, our covers in both cases would favor your condition and help you maintain a basement condition as you like.

Easy-to-install basement cover by Shaads for convenient usage and maintenance


Full-length glass doors and side glass panels will require 2 SHAADS® covers per glass. SHAADS® covers are made in many different sizes up to 30 x 39 inches.  Any covers to be made larger than  30 x 39 inches please Inquire. 

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