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Reliable skylight cover for added privacy and glare reduction by Shaads

Our Heritage

So Simple So Elegant

SHAADS® is a family-owned business founded by creator Chris Koenitz. The idea for our New Jersey made high-end window coverings came from a desire to make a product that could easily be installed to cover the skylights in his house from the harmful, damaging and brutal UV sun's rays and that excessive heat. 


Not wanting to spend hours on a ladder at that time due to painful bad knees, trying to install a complicated skylight cover to him or just balancing his power tools for a long while on a ladder, was not appealing.  He first tried covering the skylight with paper to protect his home but it just didn't work for him or look that good. Even if he kept raising the air conditioning,  the sun rays were harmful to his family, pets and furniture.  Additionally,  the cost to run the AC longer and at colder temperatures got very expensive.

So the idea of the  SHAADS® cover came along.  Keeping in mind that it had to be simple to install, added a beautiful quality and elegant  presence in the room, it's  useful privacy - light filtering - sun blocking,  it was evident that these many good features, like very easy to take down, to clean, and easy to re-install in just minutes are awesome attributes of this product.  . 

The next problem integral in this concept he faced were doors and windows which were not installed in the same way.   Wanting to keep this very unique product different from the old staple way of installing, he also wanted to keep it easy even for those who feel that they are not handy.  We now offer New Jersey made SHAADS® high-end window coverings to customers nationwide. We have a full array of affordable window treatments for skylight, doors and windows with the same ease of installing.  A Look That No One Else Has.

Our Window Covers to the right are shown with a Light Filtering, Non See Through Fabric
called  "VERONA" sand

Our Vision for SHAADS® Covers

Shaads Shades installed in minutes

Welcome to covers made by SHAADS®.  Sometimes the simplest things in life can often be overlooked. At SHAADS®, we realized that a staple item in everyone's home needed some improvement. Our vision was focused on the consumers needs.


Designed to be effortlessly installed.  SHAADS® Covers can be installed in many different rooms, whether it is a skylight, door, or windows. SHAADS® Covers only take minutes to install. SHAADS® covers attach to your window glass, door glass, or frame; it can also be attached to your ceiling for skylights, providing protection while filtering the harmful sunlight.


Available in a variety of real wood frames and fabrics you can mix and match your style, creating the perfect functional ambiance in many rooms.  Unbelievably effortless to take off to clean with no removal or reassembly of accessories or parts that may cause damage to the frame or glass.  


SHAADS® affordable, high-end window coverings, manufactured in New Jersey, are built to move and provide the ideal look, and function for most spaces. Whether a rental property, apartment, or your own home SHAADS® is the simple solution!

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