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Welcome to SHAADS Simple

SHAADS Simple is the perfect introduction to our new window covering revolution. Learn more about SHAADS below and explore the rest of our website for fabric and wood options.

SHAADS™ is a family-owned business which had the idea to invent/design a unique new type of curtain/shade/blind cover for doors, windows and skylights. The desire to make a cover that is so easy to be installed by the unhandy person or by anyone also as easy to install it’s as easy to clean. The ability to mix fabric and frame colors. No expensive tools needed. No harmful strings. No moving or no noisy parts. A cover that would provide protection from the sun’s UV rays and heat; and would give you an elegant and clean simple look. Add beauty to an old painted window or door without having to replace them. Add trim covering to your skylight. No need to drill damaging holes in your windows and doors. Can be placed right on your glass. For homes, apartments or businesses. “ THE LOOK THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS.” SHAADS™ covers are proudly Made in the USA.


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