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SHAADS – A New Spin on a Classic Staple

Window coverings have been around for quite a while; whether they are curtains, blinds, shades or a simple sheet draped across a window!

For a number of people window coverings have served a more or less functional purpose, for a few they may even have been required more for aesthetic purposes than anything else. For a select few (the ones we hope are reading this blog) they were and are needed for both reasons; functionality and beautification. It is at this sweet spot of function and form that SHAADS has positioned itself.

Our covers serve both purposes outlined above; they prevent excessive sunlight from entering the house in the summer and inhibit heat loss in the winter while also maintaining a sense of aesthetics that is pleasing even to the untrained eye.

At SHAADS we have carefully engineered our covers to be as unobtrusive as possible. When compared to the other offerings available for the same purpose it is plain to see just how dissimilar they are in a side by side comparison. Whereas normal blinds and curtains jut out from the wall and sit separate from the wall and your window/s, our SHAADS covers sit flush with your windows, skylights, etc. so as to provide as smooth and clean a look as possible. The smooth, clean look that they provide is incomparable to the chunky look that other products that serve a similar purpose provide.

Using a combination of minimally exposed L-brackets and solid wood frames with embedded magnets we have been able to achieve a minimalist design that allows our SHAADS covers to sit as close to the glass of your window, skylight, etc. as possible. The solid, seasoned wood frame is clad in the fabric materials of your choice that inhibit excessive sunlight from entering your space in the hot, humid summers, while preventing heat loss in the cold, frigid winter months.

Another point to consider keeping in mind the above outlined features of SHAADS covers is that they help you save a heap on utility bills. In the summers they don’t let it get to obnoxiously hot that it requires running the air conditioning excessively, while in the winter season they reduce the need to keep the heat on due to prevention of heat loss. The above are something that other traditional methods of covering windows cannot attest to fulfilling as effectively as SHAADS covers can.

At a time when the economic situation in the country seems to be going from slump to recession with only inflation-fueled, increasing prices, it never hurts to institute price saving initiatives when and where possible. As such sun blocking skylight sun covers and heat-retaining covers such as those offered by SHAADS are a relatively low-cost, economical and effective measure for reducing your utility bill, as far as interior skylight covers go. We realize that you may be skeptical when it comes to our claims but we invite you to try out our products for yourself in at least one room of your home or office and feel the difference for yourself. We know for a fact that you won’t be disappointed with our sun blocking/heat retaining skylight covers and the effect that they will have on your home utility bills!

To learn more about how we took a classic and turned it on its head to come up with something that truly works wonders in a simplified and cost-effective manner, reach out to us today at SHAADS and let us see how we can help each other for the better!


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