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Made from Real Wood

I came across a newly invented product for covering my Skylights and there are several reasons in which I would like to share this magnificent product for Skylights with you. I was very impressed on how the covers are made. The frames are not made from cheap plastics nor particleboard "but real wood".

The detail in how they where made was very nice, what a beautiful finish.

What I also like is how you INSTALL them it is not like others were you have lots of parts and need someone's help. I did it myself with good instructions. The product is designed to be install in minutes with a handful of small accessories as shown in the photo below and that's all it took.

I looked at other Skylight sun blocking coverings only be be disappointed as to the difficulty to install

them. I also realized once installed it stays there. Cleaning was also a nightmare. with Shaads,llc® skylight covers it was not the same. 4 brackets to screw in that's ALL then place your cover to the brackets which at this point took all of 2 minutes for me. I could take it down even eraser to clean.

My ceiling skylight cavity was now beautifully trimmed with a stunning wood frame.

What I also like was the quality of the fabrics. You

can choose from many elegant, sun shading, sun blocking, solid color and even designer fabrics. it truly was have it my way "custom made". For everything that I was getting I believe that it is well worth the money. For more exciting details check it out.


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