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How to Cover Skylights Inexpensive?

Need to Cover Your Hot Skylight? Here’s How to Beat the Heat on a Budget

Skylights can be a wonderful addition to any home, filling your space with natural light and creating a bright, open atmosphere. However, they can also be a source of heat that turns your room into an uncomfortably warm space. In this article, we'll explore some cost-effective and DIY methods to cool down your skylight and regain control over the temperature in your living space.

Painting Window Instead of Shaads

1. Paint Over Your Skylight

A simple yet effective way to cool a hot skylight is by blocking the sun before it enters the glass. Painting over your skylight will prevent light from penetrating through, thus reducing the amount of heat entering your room. This method is budget-friendly, requiring only a can of paint.

One drawback of this approach is its permanence. Removing the paint can be time-consuming and may result in scratches on the glass. However, if your room's temperature is a major concern, this solution could be worth considering.

Tarp vs. Shaads

2. Use a Tarp

For a quick and inexpensive fix, consider using a blue tarp that is larger than your skylight. Lay the tarp over the skylight, covering it completely, and secure the excess fabric with bricks. This method allows some ambient light to filter through while significantly reducing the amount of heat that enters the room.

Keep in mind that this approach may give your room a slight blue tint, and if your skylight is visible from the street, it could be seen as an eyesore during the season. However, once summer is over, you can easily remove the tarp and restore your skylight without much trouble.

Boarding Up Window Instead of Shaads

3. Board it up

While this method requires more skill, it provides a solution that doesn't involve going up on the roof. Purchase a piece of foam insulation board that fits snugly into your skylight shaft opening. Attach weather stripping along the outside of the insulation board to ensure a tight fit that can be easily removed depending on the weather.

Be cautious with this method, as trapping heat between the skylight and the insulation could cause damage to the seals or glass over time. Ensure proper ventilation and monitor the temperature to avoid potential issues.

Shades vs. Shaads

4. Shades

Shades are a versatile and cost-effective solution for blocking sunlight and enhancing living spaces. With a variety of styles and materials, shades offer precise light control, ensuring a comfortable environment tailored to your needs. They can act as insulators that reduce heating and cooling costs. Additionally, shades provide privacy and can be installed and maintained either by a professional contractor or a handy homeowner. Whether you choose roller, cellular, or Roman shades, these practical window treatments bring functional and aesthetic value to your home, offering a seamless blend of affordability, convenience, and style. Enjoy a comfortable and stylish living space without breaking the bank with shades.

5. SHAADS® So Simple So Elegant: Skylight Cover "Product of the Year"

Introducing SHAADS® Skylight Covers - the ultimate way to customize and elevate your skylight experience! Our premium interior skylight covers not only safeguard your skylight from external elements but also add a touch of beauty to your home. We offer an extensive range of design options to suit your unique style and preferences, from classic patterns to nature-inspired motifs or personalized imprints, making your skylight a true reflection of your personality.

Choose from a variety of frame options - the Elegant Oak Frame for timeless sophistication, the Modern Simple Frame for sleek contemporary charm, or the Barnwood Frame for rustic coziness. Our fabric options provide versatile light control: Opaque Fabrics for complete light blockage, Designer Fabrics for a balance between light filtering and privacy, and Transparent Fabrics for an unobstructed view of the sky with UV protection. Trust the industry leader, SHAADS® Skylight Covers, for exceptional quality and durability. Customize your skylight today and transform your living spaces into an exquisite sanctuary of style and comfort, perfectly tailored to your tastes.

How are you Covering your Skylight?

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How to Cover Skylights Inexpensive

How to Cover Skylights Inexpensive


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