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2023 Measuring SKYLIGHTS Guide

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Length in Inches

Width in Inches

Total Inches

SHAADS Skylight  Size

Enter smallest "B" number from Guide

Enter smallest "A" number from Guide

Please note:
We have included an Inches to Fractions conversion table to help you enter the fractional portion of your measurement.

For example, if your window is 36 1/8 inches in length (height) by 28 3/4 inches in width, please enter it as 36.125 by 28.75

Size 1
Size 2  Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6

Total Inches

   2   - 95.9999

 96 - 107.9999

108 - 119.9999

120 - 131.9999

132 - 143.9999

144 - 158.0000

Cover sizes over 158 inches, if possible, will  be concidered a Special Ordered - Pricing will differ and  approval  needed by SHAADS.

SHAADS® covers for Skylights are currently being  made in different sizes up to 158" inches total or 32 X47 inches. Skylight larger than 58" may need 2 or  more covers to fully cover the skylight opening. Covers over 158" inches  in total are considered a SPECIAL ORDER. Please contact us with what you are looking for. and include a few photos. Email us with any questions you may have at:                       Pricing will vary for special orders
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