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Cool Down Your Days, & Cool Down Your Costs

sun blocking Skylight Covers 2023
Install Shade Covers in Minutes

Why Shaads?

We created this NEW UNIQUE product to cover windows in homes across the country. In the making of SHAADS® window coverings at our New Jersey manufacturing facility, we keep several things in mind

  • Easy Installation: Designed with the non-handy consumer in mind, our window coverings are very easy to install.

  • Cost-Effective: No need to purchase any extra expensive accessories. Our window coverings come complete, with no additional costs.

  • Elegant and Unique Look: Enjoy the elegant and unique appearance of our window coverings that add style to your home.

  • No Moving Parts: Our window coverings are designed without any moving parts, ensuring durability and simplicity.

  • Customizable Coverage: You have the ability to cover as little or as much glass as you desire, providing flexibility and control.

  • Matching Interior Decor: Match the frames of our window coverings with your interior decor for a cohesive and stylish look.

  • Versatility: Unlike most window and skylight treatments, our covers are easy to move to other glass areas, allowing you to take them with you.

  • High-Quality and Affordable: Our window coverings are made from high-end materials, yet we offer them at an affordable price point.

  • Clean and Noise-Free: Enjoy clean lines and a noise-free experience with our window coverings, as they have no moving or noisy parts.

  • Tool-Free Installation: No need for expensive tools. Our window coverings can be installed without any specialized equipment.

  • Custom-Made: Each window covering is custom-made to fit your specific needs and requirements.


The possibilities are ENDLESS for SHAADS® Exclusive Covers

Simple Solution to a
difficult  problem

Experience superior protection and style with Shaads Skylight covers, crafted with high-quality materials and designed for effortless installation, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting performance for your skylights.

How easy it is to install SHAADS Covers for Skylights video

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Skylight Cover for Living Room by Shaads
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