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Hardware and Materials Needed to Install Shaads Covers



  • Easy to install and easy to remove

  • No moving parts or dangerous strings

  • Can go right on the glass or door frame

  • Can be placed right on your glass

  • Doesn't require expensive tools or extra accessories

Check out the demo on how Easy

it is to Install

our custom brackets

Take a look on what you will

need to install Shaads

Skylight Covers

Hardware Needed to Install Shaads Covers
Hardware Needed to Install Shaads Covers

Check out the demo on how Easy

it is to Install

your Skylight Covers

Hassle-Free Skylight Installation

We love to be hassle-free in every possible way. This is why we have made Skylight installation as smooth as making just a few taps against a surface. The SHAADS skylight installations are also as easy to remove just as they are easy to install. There are no harmful strings attached to the cover nor are there moving parts that can cause any danger to the installer or people living in the home afterward.

Our skylight installations can go right on the convenient and durable designed L-shaped brackets. The custom brackets are also easily manageable. More importantly, our skylight installation does not require any costly tools or accessories for the process except simple ones like a screwdriver or tape measure. However, even after such ease of skylight installation, if you feel confused, our well-elaborated demos here will guide you nicely.

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