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What Are SHAADS®?

SHAADS® are newly invented window covers with a pronunciation rhyming with rods. SHAADS® provide a modern look and take the burden out of old window treatments. SHAADS® were designed to replace old curtains and blinds and the work that comes with both. Laundering your curtains and hand-washing your blinds is a thing of the past.

SHAADS® are made with real wood frames and your choice of fabric type. SHAADS® can easily be described as "a beautiful picture frame for your windows." With SHAADS®, you get modern, but purposeful home decor.

SHAADS® covers provide a simple installation and an elegant look. As we say, the installation of SHAADS® is as "easy as just a click."

SHAADS® by Koti is a family-owned business. We invented this new product because of our show dogs, best known as "The Koti Kids.” We wanted to protect the Kids from the sun's UV rays and heat coming through the skylights. SHAADS® were born because of our dogs.

Papa Koti (our founder) at the time

was plaqued with bad knees.

Our purpose was to protect all our pups

This problem was also integral in the concept and vision of SHAADS®.

As a contractor and rental property owner,

the installation of other's skylight shades,

such as renters or clients became more

difficult. With the knee pain, the desire to

continuously climb ladders diminished.

We made SHAADS® to help us easily install and remove the covers for cleaning purposes.

Covering all windows in our home, we can proudly stand behind our product. None of the "Koti Kids" have damaged our SHAADS® and cleaning them is a breeze.

Finally, for privacy purposes, we wanted to see out but wanted no one to see in our windows, doors, and skylights.

Understanding people have different views on home decor, we came up with a variety of fabrics. Opaque fabrics, made of light-filtering material, do not allow light in or for you to see out. The light filtering percentage varies based on the material.

Transparent fabrics are just that. You can show off your Christmas tree without having to open blinds or curtains. You can see through the windows and showcase the beauty of your home with our transparent fabrics. We offer several degrees of clarity, allowing you to choose your optimal visibility.

Lastly, we offer designer fabrics if you want to customize your window covers. We cannot forget the beautiful hand-crafted wooden frames. Black Espresso, Red Chestnut, and Natural Light Oak frames are offered under our Elegant Collection. Another option, The Elegant Barnwood Collection, has Rustic, Slate, or Barnwood White choices. Our Simply Modern Collection provides Dark Roast Walnut, Rustic Pecan, or Simply White options.

SHAADS® allow you to choose your frame and fabric. All you do is measure the window and then install the SHAADS® covers, which are as “easy as just a click."

Skylights started it all......


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