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A Better Option for Window Treatments

Classic window treatments are beautiful to look at but a pain to install. If you have ever installed curtains or blinds, you know how difficult it can be to wrangle a level and a drill to install the hangers, and with window films, you have to cut to size and squeeze out all of those air bubbles.

But now there’s a better way: SHAADS®. With these miracle window treatments, all you have to do is stick and click!


SHAADS® are an easy-to-install window treatment that have been designed to provide privacy and protection from light and harmful UV rays. Installation requires no tools or accessories and can be completed by anyone in seconds.

SHAADS® can be taken on or off at will and can cover as much of the window as you want. With custom fabric and frame design options and sizing, you can match SHAADS® with any home décor. No matter the window, SHAADS® will add an elegant look with no hassle or damage to your doors or walls; all you have to do is stick and click.


There are no window treatments more ubiquitous in modern homes than blinds. A classic window blind adds a functional way to block out light and add privacy. However, they also require fairly intricate mechanisms to control them that can wear down or become stuck.

Over time, blinds may require maintenance, and they often collect dust between the slats that require frequent cleaning. If and when the slats or mechanisms break, the whole blind has to be replaced.

In contrast, SHAADS® have a flat panel with no moving parts. This makes them unlikely to collect dust, and there are no moving parts to break. SHAADS® can practically last forever and are easy to bring with you to a new home.


Curtains have some advantages, such as a nice selection of colors and styles as well as the way that they frame your window. However, they have many disadvantages as well. They tend to make a room look smaller, and they require tools and equipment to mount. Also, they are hard to keep clean as they attract dust and pet hair. They can even become moldy and stained in moist areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

With SHAADS®, each window covering comes with a beautiful, customizable frame that will add elegance to your room without intruding on the room or collecting all that dust and pet hair. They are easy to take off and clean, and they are as easy to install as sticking and clicking.

Window Film

Window tints can cut energy costs, increase privacy, and block most UV light with a variety of transparency levels. But they also have several disadvantages. Window tinting is difficult to install on some windows as you struggle to fit it around latches and frames. The installation often proves too challenging for many users, leaving permanent uneven gaps in coverage and air bubbles trapped under the film.

In contrast, SHAADS® are easy to stick and click into place and also come in a range of transparencies to allow in as much or as little light as you choose. Like window tints, SHAADS® can greatly lower your energy bills and protect your home from UV light.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for new window treatments but you’re not looking forward to all the planning and labor, don’t despair. There is a better option with SHAADS®. These new window treatments are effortless to install—just stick and click! With no special tools or accessories needed for installation, and endless customizations available, there is no reason not to choose SHAADS® for your windows.

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