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Why Switch to SHAADS®

Can you relate? Do you have complicated curtains in which you need rods, valances, panels, and don't forget those curtain pins. Oh, we mustn't forget the tools. You need a level, screwdriver, and hammer to attach the curtain's hardware.

Does anyone feel that pain? If you're not handy or are but sometimes wish you weren't, let us introduce SHAADS® Coverings.

SHAADS®, a new way to cover your windows, replaces those old-style, heavy curtains.

SHAADS®, made with beautiful wood frames in staining of your choice, offers different colored fabrics and prints in translucent and opaque materials. Dress up your window with our quality grade fabrics and gorgeous frames.

SHAADS® introduces a new Revolutionary way into the old type of window decor. Ditch those heavy curtains and let the light in with SHAADS® window covers.

Out With The Old

Why do this when you can do

SHAADS® Covers?


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