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Skylight Covers

One of the special features that our SHAADS® skylight covers offer that no other covers do, is the ability to change it out in just minutes allowing you to change your room decor at your convenience.  Another feature is that there is no need for any power tools to install these covers.


To make sure you fully enjoy the benefits of natural light and/or shading the sun coming in your home, these skylight covers offer see-through or light filtering fabrics. Customization is also available for every home and workplace, allowing you to add a personal touch to the respective space.


To protect your home from damaging UV rays, glare and excessive heat, SHAADS® has the best skylight covers money can buy. Why are they better than the alternatives that are now available in the market? Well, our skylight covers lower temperature, reduce energy consumption and save money.  They also install in minutes - a far cry from the onerous installation of roller shades or other such apparatus.  Additionally, skylight covers are a stunning addition to any home, turning it into a visual treat. 

Block the annoying sun and cut down the heat coming into the room

Before and after images of installing a SHAADS® skylight cover. The 'before' image shows a skylight with direct sunlight and no coverage, while the 'after' image displays the skylight fitted with a SHAADS® cover, demonstrating enhanced privacy, reduced glare, and a refined, finished look that complements the room's decor.

How to Measure for Skylights

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SHAADS® How to Measure Guide for Skylights. Step-by-step visual instructions showing how to accurately measure skylights for custom window coverings. Includes diagrams and tips for measuring dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for SHAADS® skylight covers.

Please Note

SHAADS® interior skylight covers are made here in New Jersey. 

Skylight sizes larger than 158 inches total,  "example"32 x 47 inches = 79 x 2 = 158", may need 2 or more covers to fully cover the skylight opening. Please send us an email with what you are looking for including several photos. Please Contact us for any questions that you may have concerning our new SHAADS® products.


On larger Skylights modification may be required  to handle several Covers.

Order your Skylight SHAAD®


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