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Basement Window Coverings


Since many basements are fully or partially underground and come with windows that are at ground level, this leaves it very easy for people to peek into your basement or lower-level windows. For the purpose of protection/privacy along with the ability to block sunlight into the homes, you would want a covering. We offer basement window covers, whether transparent or light-filtering, which can be attached right onto your basement window glass.  Since basement windows come in a variety of sizes and styles, SHAADS® can be custom-made to your liking.

So where you want full or partial coverage call us, we will be glad to explain what options you will have available. Hence, our basement window covers securitize your vicinity. These interior covers are moveable and permit the residents to take them anywhere with just a click. Four metal plates, come with your beautiful custom cover. Just attach the plates to the window glass which you want to cover as per the instructions and click your cover to the plates. For shade, privacy, and or protection, our covers install with just a click. The magnet on the back of your cover clicks right to the plates you just placed on your window glass and move with your windows.  There is nothing out there as easy as a SHAADS® basement window covers.



SHAADS® window covering installed on a basement window, providing enhanced privacy and light control. The image shows the SHAADS® cover effectively obscuring the view from outside while maintaining an attractive appearance that complements the basement's interior decor.

Our transparent fabric allows you to see out during the day 

SHAADS® window covering on a basement window, demonstrating effective privacy with its sleek design. The image highlights how the SHAADS® cover blocks external views while allowing controlled light entry, enhancing both security and aesthetics in the basement space.

While this is what you see looking in from outside

Old to New

Basement window with an old curtain. The image shows a dated curtain covering the window, which appears worn and less effective in providing privacy or light control.

Basement window with old curtain

Basement window with a SHAADS® cover installed. The image highlights the modern, sleek SHAADS® cover, offering a clean, stylish look that enhances privacy and light control while updating the window's appearance.

An elegant replacement to the old sheet or worn curtain

How to Measure for Basement Windows

Click on the image to enlarge

SHAADS® How to Measure Basement Full Window Coverage Guide. Step-by-step visual instructions for accurately measuring full basement windows. Includes diagrams and tips for capturing precise dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for SHAADS® window coverings, providing complete and seamless coverage.

Full Window Coverage

SHAADS® How to Measure Partial Window Coverage on Basement Windows Guide. Step-by-step visual instructions for accurately measuring partial coverage areas on basement windows. Includes diagrams and tips to ensure precise dimensions for a perfect fit with SHAADS® window coverings, allowing tailored coverage for specific window sections.

Partial Window Coverage

Please Note

SHAADS® basement window covers are made here in New Jersey. 

Window sizes larger than 158 inches total,  "example"32 x 47 inches = 79 x 2 = 158", may need 2 or more covers to fully cover the window opening. Please send us an email with what you are looking for including several photos. Please Contact us for any questions that you may have concerning our new SHAADS® products.


On larger window modification may be required  to handle several Covers.

Order your Basement Window SHAAD®


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