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Instead of Tacky think Classy with SHAADS!

When we think skylight covers, you most likely think awkward, clunky, chunky and quite honestly, tacky covers that just aren’t really something that we would like to see up in our homes. Believe us, we thought the same thing as well, which is precisely why we went and did something about it.

At SHAADS we decided that skylight covers had to be given a revised look for the new millennium. We took the current skylight cover designs available and turned them on their head. What we developed and came out with is something that simply oozes classiness.

Our patented SHAADS covers do not require any drilling of holes or installation of bulky frames. With our frames that use embedded magnets and the installation of four simple L-brackets that barely make an impression you are good to go.

Previous options available for skylight window covers that did not look either, outright ugly or ungainly and difficult to have installed and used have been few and far between. Here at SHAADS though, what we have to offer is another range of beautiful options that are sure to amaze and delight our discerning and aesthetic conscious customers.

Aside from how form fitting and minimal our easy installation SHAADS covers are you have the option to select exactly what materials you would like to see used in the design and build of your very own custom SHAADS covers. You are able to select everything from the cloth used to block out the sun, to the frame material that the cloth covering will sit on. We offer only the most premium quality fabrics and framing materials.

Frankly, we could prattle on and on about how unique and set apart from the rest of the offerings our SHAADS covers are compared to what is on the market but we are sure you get the gist of how advantageous and valuable these our skylight window covers are for your home and office spaces.

To see just how elegant and effortlessly classy our SHAADS skylight window covers look once installed we believe it might be best for you to go through the plethora of sample covers across our website and see what you like best and is suited to you and your particular needs. We promise you will be sure to find something to your liking, and if not, you can have something made exactly to your specifications and place requirements.

So, stop thinking about the what ifs and continuously turning things over in that head of yours. Have a proper go-through of the rest of the SHAADS website and figure out how you can add a touch of practical classiness to your home or office today in a relatively fast and trouble-free manner. We are sure you won’t be disappointed with our SHAADS skylight window coverings!


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